Black Box Earring - Titanium and Black Diamond

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The Black Box earring takes inspiration from Nier Automata, as an echo to the black box from the game itself, with a unique cubic black diamond set in. It is handcrafted from grade 5 titanium.


  • Handmade in our workshop near Lyon, France.
  • The black diamond is of conflict-free origin, and has been cut in our atelier to precisely fit the mount.
  • The mount is shaped and hand polished from grade 5 titanium.
  • Grade 5 Titanium: a very light metal, grey in color. Infinitely durable with the highest strength to weight ratio of any known element. It also resists corrosion and is hypoallergenic (perfect if you have sensitive skin).
  • This earring is custom made for you, and can also be made with many combinations of metals such as silver, gold, platinum, tantalum, iridium, etc... Please send us a message at if you have a specific inquiry, we'll be happy to help you.