About us

Arxiome is precision-made fine jewelry designed to endure and stay with you through life. It blends durability, refinement and timelessness into finely crafted pieces.
The ingenuity of our jewelry lies in the making and engineering of the designs as well as our crafting process. Every little detail of every piece is thought through and calculated with a purpose that serves the overall design. It's a whole that only works because every part of the puzzle perfectly clicks. 

Our jewelry is locally handmade in our atelier near Lyon in France. This is very important to us, as it gives us optimal control over our craft and a better transfer of our ideas and our vision from mind to reality.
To that effect, we make a point to work with the crème de la crème, the most skilled artisans, engineers, rope makers and machinists.

Arxiome's jewelry is meant to stand the test of time. It is made to be simple, balanced and easy to wear. The lines are sharp, refined and precisely calculated. The materials speak for themselves, their natural characteristics blending perfectly with the designs.
It will feel as an extension of yourself. It can be worn in all conditions, anywhere, anytime. It will resist and endure.


In creating our jewelry, we make sure that our craft is always in line with our ethos :


It stems from the choice of materials and our design process. Our jewelry is balanced in terms of aesthetics, weight and geometry so that it becomes a part of you. 



When designing, engineering and crafting, we are looking for perfected and refined forms. Sharp, simple lines serve the overall purity of the design.



This goes hand in hand with the choice of materials, pondered by the design. Metals and ropes are the foundation which give the design form and purpose so that the jewelry will last forever.



Most of our jewelry breaks apart from traditional jewelry. Not because we want to be different, but because we have to find special ways to craft the way we want to craft. We constantly invent and reinvent mechanisms, functions, closures and connections based on the design.

Arxiome is also more than just jewelry, it is love in our craft, and the passion to create wearable objects that become akin to a second skin through life. It is timeless, everlasting, indestructible jewelry, that you'll probably never want to remove.





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