Our jewelry is the result of a creative process focusing on traditional jewelry craftsmanship and industrial design : the function of the piece of jewelry comes first, and then lines and shape start to take form. Each piece of jewelry combines a shape, metal and unique function that require mastery and fine expertise during the crafting process.

Every piece of jewelry we craft is handmade in our atelier near Lyon in France, over a 30 hours process including cutting, shaping, polishing the metal and weaving, knotting the rope.
Every step of our crafting process involves the highest standards of quality, in terms of choice of materials as well as the artisans that work on your piece. No corners are cut.

We use and borrow techniques and materials that are worlds apart from traditional jewelry. In fact, we like to refer to our craft as engineered jewelry.

Our metals are worked and cut with an extremely high electric current that passes between two electrodes through a very thin wire.
The wire cuts the metal so precisely that we can control the end result down to the micrometer. This technique is called EDM (Electric Discharge Machining) and it gives us an unparalleled precision, fit and finish when making our advanced jewelry, resulting in perfect shapes. We can create jewelry pieces that only work by virtue of our crafting process.

 Arxiome Titanium Tantalum Metals

Our ropes
are woven by the best rope manufacturers from France, Germany and the USA, and are made to our specifications. All have been submitted to rigorous tests (long-term wear, chemicals resistance, UV resistance, fraying, elongation, intense washing machine cycles, animal jaws, ...) to ensure that they are comfortable to wear, biocompatible, and will hold strong over time.

Arxiome Ropes

They are knotted using the traditional simple splice, a seamless and very clean knotting technique belonging to the marine world, which is the sturdiest knot, retaining 90% of the rope’s strength.

Arxiome Rope Splicing

The rope’s eyes are then secured with a whip, reinforcing even more the overall integrity of the rope and making sure the rope will last forever.

Arxiome Rope Whipping

While the rope might not be the first thing you'd notice on a bracelet, it is in fact a key to our jewelry, connecting it all.