Tantalum takes its name from the greek myth of Tantalus. Ruler of the distant kingdom of Lydia, Tantalus was sent to Hades by his father Zeus to suffer an eternal punishment equal to the crime he had committed at the banquet of the gods. Depending on the sources, he would have either stolen the drinks reserved for the gods, or offered his son as a stew, after killing him.
In Hades, Tantalus was condemned to forever suffer thirst and hunger, standing up in a pool of water, beneath a fruit tree. Whenever he tried to reach for a fruit above him, the wind would waft away the tree’s branches. And whenever he would try to drink, the water beneath him would recede. Thus he was punished to be forever denied what he needed most, in spite of it being so close to him.

Tantalum was named after the greek myth for the metal's inability to absorb any acid (Tantalus could not drink or eat). It is one of the most corrosion resistant metals.



Tantalum is a metallic element on the periodic table. It is an exceptionally strong and durable metal, which we only work in its pure form.
Its most common and known uses are in surgical implants and in electronics (capacitors in particular, because it is very conductive).  Tantalum is a rare metal, and it is estimated that the supply of tantalum may only last 50 years.

Arxiome Tantalum Ring Xenos



The first striking and unique aspect of Tantalum is its color, because it is completely natural and will never tarnish. There is no plating or other surface treatment that alters its color. Tantalum is a beautiful dark grey, with a very delicate sheen that makes it understated yet striking.
Tantalum is also exceptionally strong, durable, scratch resistant and shatterproof.
It is heavy, with a density around 16.65g/cm3, which is slightly above that of 18ct gold. It is also biocompatible (entirely hypoallergenic), and is one of the most corrosion resistant metals in existence : it won’t corrode or react with exposure to chemicals and everyday use.


At 3017°C, tantalum has one of the highest melting points of all metals.



Tantalum jewelry is bulletproof. You can wear it in any kind of environment and all conditions. The metal will show scruffs  and develop a patina but hold up forever. No cracking, no bending, no breaking, ever. The color will never fade or change over time. 


Cleaning: Tantalum doesn't need special care. It can be cleaned with regular jewelry cleaner, ultrasonic or with soap. You can also shower with it.



  • Tantalum's color is a beautiful dark grey, with a delicate sheen that makes it understated yet striking. 

  • Tantalumis very, very strong and infinitely durable. In its pure state it is as strong as stainless steel. It won't break, bend or deform, is shatterproof and scratch-resistant.

  • Tantalumis one of the most corrosion resistant metals, easily resisting corrosive agents such as sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid, that would deteriorate other metals. It is inert to most organic an inorganic compounds. Chemicals and daily use won't affect it.

  • Tantalumis hypoallergenic and biocompatible : perfect for even the most sensitive skins and allergies. After all, it's used in surgical grade implants.

  • Tantalum is easy to care for. It can be cleaned with regular jewelry cleaner, ultrasonic or with soap. You can also shower with it.


 Arxiome Titanium and Tantalum Xenos Rings

Titanium on the left and Tantalum on the right