Titanium is the strongest metal by weight. Dubbed the metal of titans for being the incarnation of natural strength, it is mostly known for its uses in the most demanding and rigorous industries such as the military, marine, aerospace, surgical implants : industries that require a combination of extreme strength, low weight, durability, biocompatibility and much more.
Titanium is a perfect metal for a piece of jewelry that will last forever.



Titanium is an element on the periodic table. Many grades and different alloys exist for different applications. We mainly use grade 5 titanium, scientifically known as Ti-6Al-4V, which is more expensive and harder to work, but also the strongest alloy. We will also use pure titanium for rings and beads, which is just as durable, but slightly more malleable to form different shapes.





Titanium offers a combination of unique and perfect properties that make it ideal for use in jewelry. It is entirely hypoallergenic and biocompatible, making it ideal for people with allergies or sensitive skins, and it won't turn your skin green. It has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metallic element. It perfectly resists corrosion, meaning it won't be damaged by chemicals and daily use. Its uses range from aerospace to military applications and critical industries that require and work with the most extreme and stringent specifications. This is a metal made to endure and last.



Titanium is one of the most lightweight metals used in jewelry, with a density of around 4.5g/cm3. In comparison, titanium is as much as 3 times lighter than a comparable piece of 18kt gold jewelry (with a density of around 15g/cm3), or 2 times lighter than sterling silver (~10.5g/cm3).
The Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloy means that it is made of combination of Titanium, Aluminium and Vanadium. This is one of the most durable and mechanically resistant titanium alloys. It is the workhorse of titanium alloys.



Titanium jewelry is very (very) tough. It can be worn in all kinds of environments and conditions. The metal will scuff and show wear over time but holds up without breaking a sweat, without cracking, breaking, bending, etc. The color will never fade or change over time.


Cleaning: Titanium doesn't need special care. It can be cleaned with regular jewelry cleaner, ultrasonic or with soap. You can also shower with it.



  • Titanium's color ranges from grey to dark grey, depending on the polish. The metal looks undestated.

  • Titaniumboasts the highest strength to weight ratio of any known element. It will endure and outlive you. It will never break, bend or deform. It is shatterproof and scratch-resistant.

  • Titaniumis very light. It is is approximately 3 times lighter than a similar 18kt gold piece of jewelry or 2 times lighter than sterling silver. It is very comfortable and perfect to wear at all times.

  • Titaniumshows outstanding corrosion resistance. You can wear it while swimming, showering, doing dishes, etc.. The metal won't react to chemicals and daily use.

  • Titaniumis hypoallergenic and biocompatible : perfect for even the most sensitive skins and allergies. After all, it's used in surgical grade implants.

  • Titanium is easy to care for. It can be cleaned with regular jewelry cleaner, ultrasonic or with soap. You can also shower with it.


Titanium on the left and Tantalum on the right