Our Ropes

Our ropes are the backbone of our jewelry. They complement the stones and metals, and are the most visible part of our jewelry.

They have required the most tests in comparison to the other materials we use, to make sure they were up to our rigorous expectations.

We have put to the test hundreds of ropes from the most renown rope makers in the world, submitting them to the harshest environments and conditions, including trips across the globe, abrasive surfaces, acidic agents, traction experiments and even jaws (mostly dogs, no big cats).
We have narrowed down our selection to the elite of the elite.

We use mostly high-strength polyester and black dyneema, which are the ropes that provide the best durability, comfort, look and stability over time. These ropes all resist abrasion, color degradation and acidic/alkaline agents, meaning they won't get damage by lotions, perfumes, soaps, oils...

The ropes we use :


  • Polyester : this fiber is an excellent all arounder. It resists UV rays (meaning its color won't fade when you put the rope in the sun) and abrasion very well. Thanks to the high-strength rope we use, it virtually lasts forever and keeps its shape yet stretches a little bit when your wrist expands in hot climate/conditions, making for a comfortable wear. 


  • Black Dyneema : the elite and strongest fiber in the world. Dyneema resists abrasion, UV rays, doesn't stretch and lasts virtually forever. It also resists traction like no other, being close to 15 times more resistant than steel. It comes at a price however, as dyneema is more expensive than the other fibers, and harder to work with.
    It is to note that we use mostly black dyneema, and unlike regular dyed dyneema, black dyneema does not lose color, as the fiber is inherently black, and the black runs all the way through. It has a dark and stealthy aesthetic.