Care Instructions

Our jewelry is meant to be worn at all times and live with you. It means it will develop its own patina over time : small scratches, dents (depending on the material), dirty, ...



No particular recommendation. The metals we use can be worn in all conditions, all the time. While you're doing dishes, sports, at sea, ... To clean your jewelry, you can brush it with a soap, or simply shower with it. The materials we use hold strong over time, so you don't need to go easy on them.


The ropes we use have been carefully handpicked for their quality and durability, and that means the highest standards in regard to resistance to abrasion, color degradation, chemicals resistance, elongation resistance, low creep and tight weave of the yarn.
They will retain their color, won't change shape and won't be damaged by your daily and more extreme adventures.
In short, the ropes we use to craft your jewelry will last a lifetime if you don't purposely set them on fire or cut them yourself (and even then, good luck cutting dyneema). 


We work almost exclusively with sapphires and rubies.. These stones are very hard and extremely durable, requiring little to no maintenance/care. It is perfectly fine to wear them 24/7.


You don't need to be particular about wearing our jewelry, but our number one recommendation would be to remove it when doing dangerous work involving cutting tools or objects that could snatch your jewelry and harm you. Even if you love your jewelry, it is not worth risking your limbs for it.