Our Stones

We pick stones that will survive through the ages.We use mostly rubies, sapphires and diamonds, which are the hardest natural stones, which a hardness of 9 to 10 on the mohs scale. And that means they will not be damaged as you  wear them.

The stones we use :


Sapphire : mostly known for its blue color, it belongs to the family of corundums, which are minerals made of oxygen and aluminium, amongst others.  The sapphire's color is mostly due to the presence of titanium in its mineral structure.
It is one of the most durable stones and one of the easiest to wear, given its resistance and hardness. On the mohs scale, sapphire scores a 9, second only to diamond. Only the latter and a select few synthetic stones can scratch it.
In daily wear, that means your sapphire will endure and won't suffer dents, scratches or scuffs.
Being hard means sapphire is brittle, and would get shattered under a very strong shock, so avoid hammering it.
Sapphire exists in a wide array of colors : ranging from black to brown, yellow, purple, ... The only exception is that a red sapphire is a ruby.


Ruby Ruby is also a member of the corundums. In fact, ruby is a red sapphire. Its color is mostly due to the presence of chrome, and ranges from an opaque rose, to a vivid, dark or pure red, and so on... Just like sapphire, there is an infinite array of colors and shades for this stone. And just like sapphire, ruby will live and endure with you.


Diamond : Diamond is almost always touted for its brilliance and shine, but we prefer using its rougher, more unrefined and natural state. It can still display a myriad a colors, and often times, only you will see all the subtleties of the stone.
It also makes for an even sturdier and more robust stone than ruby and sapphire, with a hardness of 10 on mohs scale. Put simply, nothing (aside from other diamonds) will scratch or dent it.
And like ruby and sapphire, diamond is brittle, so avoid hammering it.
Let your diamond(s) live with you, they already have lived for aeons, and probably will live for many more.